Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I've Been Up To

So, I've been a little distracted from my planned project this week (you'll learn this is not abnormal for me). ;) A month or so ago I moved my scrap area into a new space in our basement... I loved my area before, but we were doing some rearranging of other things which made my scrap area almost a necessity to move... which I am not complaining because I now have a BIGGER area! So, now that my area is bigger and I have a new sewing machine I have expanded my space. I've been dabbling a little here and a little there at reorganizing... not really sure what or how I wanted to do things because it was really functional before and I really liked it! But, today changed things a bit all thanks to Target!!! Love that place! I scored some great finds... all on clearance! Including a few of the items below:

This white bookcase I found over half off!!!! A mostly perfect home for my new sewing machine (although there's no place to scoot under it, I figure as much as I plan to use it in the near future it'll work and for under 20 bucks I thought I couldn't lose! Plus with the additional shelves I have more storage space. I also got the green and blue bowls (on clearance $1.38) and...

These cute little bowls too (on clearance for $.98)! They may not stay in this home, but I thought it was sweet that the fit so perfectly. I hope to go back and get at least 2 more for another area of my space. I also got some adorable hooks (on clearance for $2.78). They each have a number on them (1, 2, & 3)... I am not sure yet if I'm going to hang them in my scrap room or behind the door in my son's room... I will wait and see...

And, now... for my project... A Week in the Life... I took some time a few weeks ago to document our comings and goings for 7 days, uploaded all my photos and had them printed in various sizes at and am now working on the album. This is about as far as I've gotten, a cover page and the intro page for each day (minus journaling)... I attempted to hand write the journaling but didn't really have enough space so I'm planning to do it on the computer. I am hoping to get some more time this week and weekend to continue organizing my space and work more on this album! Until then... enjoy the rest of your week!

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