Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remembering the Fallen...

This morning we watched the funeral procession for the fallen Shawnee, KS firefighter who lost his life while on duty last weekend (you can read the story here). There were over 100 fire trucks and other emergency vehicles in the 12 minute long procession. The above photo is the sight that brought me to tears. Although I am almost ashamed to admit it, we originally went because we thought the kids would enjoy seeing all the fire trucks. But, after seeing the first truck, with the casket and those guarding it, I was moved and struck with the greatness of the loss of this one whose dedicated his life to serving and saving others lives & in the attempt to do so lost his own life. To us all, the definition of a true hero. 

And, on this Memorial Weekend, I will now be much more aware of the great sacrifice of so many heroes who've lost their lives out of service & duty for others. We pray that the families and friends of these heroes will be blessed with strength & peace from our Heavenly Father. 

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