Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coffee Mug Project

So this week I've been working on my first layout for Twisted Sketches and also my NYC album (decided to work on it first out of my lengthy list of "to do" projects I shared last week.) So, since I have no photos of those to share just yet I thought I would share this little coffee mug I created a couple of weeks ago! My hubby gave me the mug about two years ago. It sat on my shelf for that long because I was totally intimidated by it. I was scared to create something that I would actually be carrying around with me! LOL! Anyway, I finally got up the courage after getting those adorable American Crafts Abode dimensional stickers. This Cup of Joe one seemed most appropriate for my mug and so... there you have it I got to work and, thankfully I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and will carry it around shamelessly!!! :) 

1 comment:

Nichole @ Parlour said...

LOVE IT!!! There is NOTHING wrong with shameless promotion. ESPECIALLY, when it looks that good!