Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inspired: Yes, Time: Not so much

I have been feeling really inspired lately and have a ton of ideas of things I want to create, but of course, time is not always easy to find! I need to get these things down on paper, so maybe I'll just share them here! :) 

#1: A little mini album I want to make for a friend, saw the idea at Memory Bound when Mom & I went to Des Moines a couple weeks back. I wish this store was closer, it was so cool! It had a ton of newer products and really neat ideas on display as well! Highly recommend it if you are ever in or near Des Moines! 

#2: Finish a little home decor project I started for my daughter's room.

#3. Mini albums for us and our friends that we went to the lake with last weekend. 

#4: Mini Album with photos from our trip to the berry patch this Summer. 

#5: Another mini album with photos from NYC 2005. I had started making 12x12 layouts from this trip thinking that I would one day get around to making an entire 12x12 album. Well, I realize this will likely never happen and after Jody's inspiration last week on Write.Click.Scrapbook I got to thinking about those lovely trip photos and the awesome journaling I have just waiting for me to use. You see, my husband and I spent the plane ride home writing down our top 100 memories from the trip, most of which have photos to go along with them (or at least ones that would work), so I think if I kept the album fairly simple I could complete it pretty quickly! 

#6: A couple of layouts I have had swirling in my head for a while are on the docket as well! 

WHEW! It feels good to get those down! Quite a lot, but thankfully I'm going to get some scrap time on Friday night with my mom at my church's bi-monthly crop and maybe I can squeeze in a bit of time here and there in the next couple of weeks too! As long as Kelly doesn't keep me off track like she did today! I tried to create Lindsay's book paper wreath (posted on Kelly's blog) this afternoon, but mine is not looking quite as cute as hers! :( Despite that, Noelle and I had a fun time together... she rolled the pages, while I glued. We make a pretty good team! We'll see if I try and finish this project, or just chuck it... as I'm looking at it it kinda looks like a paper afro gone bad... really bad! What do you think? Honestly...

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