Friday, March 18, 2011

Project Life | Catching Up

Hello! YES, I am still alive!!! My sincerest apologies for being the biggest blog slacker ever! The saddest part is that I have no decent excuse. The good news is that I have not been a Project Life slacker... I have been faithfully keeping up with it, just not done a good job at taking pictures and posting them. :( But, I am catching up with that today and will do my absolute best to keep up with it going forward... because I love sharing and inspiring you in your own Project Life or other creative journey! :) 

So, here is... Week 7 

In the bottom right photo spot, I usually put Tuesday's photo, but for this Tuesday I just wrote out a conversation between my son and I and didn't have a photo that went with it, and when I saw that the back side of that spot from week 6 was this, I liked the way it looked and just went with it. So, don't feel like you have to have something "significant" filling each spot if you don't have anything to put there, just "make something up", take the pressure off... 

I put in another 6x12 insert in this week. My daughter painted her hand and did this handprint all on her own... I loved how she did each finger a different color and new instantly it had to go in PL! I paired it with a photo of her being goofy and a strip of one of the sheets of patterned paper that came with the kit. 

On the back side of the 6 x12 I put in a portion of one of the 22 paintings Noelle did over that weekend. 

Week 8: 

A few weeks back I bought Ali's digital journaling blocks... one set of long journalers and one of the 4x6 sets. I was excited to use the 4x6 set this week and love how it adds into PL perfectly! Definitely looking forward to using more of these in the future. On this one I wrote our the kids' bedtime routine and put it next to the photo of Daddy reading them bedtime stories (part of the routine). 

Close up of Sun-Tues

Close up of Wed-Sat

Week 9: 

One thing I like to do sometimes if my photo turns out off lighting wise or even sometimes if it's blurry I'll turn it black and white which makes it more artsy-looking instead of looking like an obvious bad photo. So, now the secret's out... and you should try it to! ;) 

Close up of Sun-Tues

Close up of Wed-Sat 

Come back on Tuesday when I'll share week 10 & 11! 

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