Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scrappin' Wednesday

I have really been rocking out the scrapbook pages lately... many may wonder how I have the time to do this but, I don't watch much tv and lately I have been spending less time on the computer so that I can spend more time scrapbooking... it's truly more than a hobby to me... it's an escape and something I can use as an emotional outlet as well... I love looking back at the words and photos together on a pretty page & I look forward to sharing them all with Noelle & Parker when they are older and reminiscing  together.

There are so many different forms of scrapbooking and I think most of us do some form of this... for example if you blog, you are a virtual scrapbooker; if you write a note on the back of your photos you are a scrapbooker; if you put your photos in an album and jot a few notes to the side of the photos you are a scrapbooker; if you keep a journal and throw a photo between the pages once in a while, you are a scrapbooker... capturing your life through your words and your photos... there's no wrong way to record your memories!

Anyway, I thought I would share another scrapbook page with you today... enjoy! Hope you spend some time this week to record your moments/memories whatever your style! :)

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