Friday, June 4, 2010

A Layout A Day - #3 The Two of You

And, here it is layout #3! Only 24 hours late! ;) The colors are a bit off due to poor lighting at 11pm! I spent quite a bit more time on this one... but it's Friday night and I was having a good time! The layout design and even some of the product was inspired by this layout by Diana

I am beginning to wonder if I was a bit crazy when I decided to embark on this 30 day journey of doing a layout a day... but, I am having fun, so I guess that's what matters... and, my housework is still getting done, my kids are still getting fed and I'm still sleeping at night, so I guess it's all good! :) Since I'm a day behind though, I may just have to shoot for having 30 layouts done by the 30th, there's really not much difference right? 

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