Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Week's Favorite Photo

I took a ton of photos this week (over 200) and this was definitely a favorite! My sweet little guy, I love the lighting, his sweet smile, the way he is looking directly at the camera with those big, big eyes! Love, love, love it! I started cracking up when I looked at it on the camera after I took it, tickled pink I caught the photo I was trying to get! Love it when that happens! 

I thought this would be a good photo to do some journaling on the photo's white space, like Ali talks about here in her Weekend Creative feature a couple of weekends ago. I have yet to get Photoshop but, a friend told me about Gimp, so I might give that a try or I may just handwrite on it. I'll be sure to share the finished product with you! 

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