Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life | Week 3

Project Life... week 3! Yippee... still LOVING this project, more and more as I go I think! There are some days I think "What in the world am I going to capture today and then at some point later on something happens and I'll think "aha!" this can be my POTD! :) I'm wondering if this is going to get easier or harder as the year goes on... although I am sure that some weeks will be easier than others (like this week was). Such a great & doable project and the great thing is you don't have to do a photo a day, there are SO many fabulous different ways you can use this album! For lots of ideas visit Becky's site.

So here is the first part of week 3. 

We've gotten a lot of snow the past couple of weeks and I've taken quite a few photos, so I decided to insert an American Crafts 6x12 page protector with some of those additional photos & a journaling block I made out of some lined paper I had in my stash.

And here is the 2nd page of week 3. On the bottom left 4x6 block I slipped in part of the hot chocolate packet that says "Making Warm Chocolatey Memories". I loved it and knew that it needed to be included... how fun is it going to be to look back at that in 10-20 years (or more) and see how the graphics and things have changed over time. I also included a ticket from the arcade/play place we went to on Saturday for a birthday party... loving including these little bits!

Just a side note: If you happen to look closely & you notice the stamped dates look a bit odd, well that's because  I somehow got confused on what date it was! ;) I had to go back and "fix" them so they showed the correct dates with the correct days. Ooops! 

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Anonymous said...

great job! ... for me, it got easier after awhile. Now, it is like second nature to me. this will be my 3rd year doign this. it is funny how you feel like you have taken a picture of everything... and then bam! there seems to always be "something" to document. i did go through a rough spot each year around March/April-ish when i felt a huge slump, but I pushed through it... and LOVE my albums in the end. keep up the great work :)

dawn said...

I love your pictures and ideas this week. The add-ins are always a favorite for me now, how neat it will be for your kids to see the hot cocoa wrapper and the game ticket. I love that you got a photo of your husband and son from the back and the front, priceless. That is some snow you have there, lots of fun. Have a great week and good job on staying with it.

Sheila said...

Great photos. It does get easier after a while. This is my second year at it and I can't believe it! Love the extras you add in. That will be something I hope to do more of this year. Thanks for sharing your Project Life this week.

Rene' Sharp said...

Your album is looking gorgeous. I have yet to receive mine, I have to get mine from New Zealand, and they are still waiting for stock!! Have a lovely week!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

Love the extra's that you've added...I haven't ventured beyond the basic picture/journaling...but I'm going to :)

I agree...some weeks are easier than others, but it's definitely making me be more aware of all the little moments in my day.

Great job and thanks for sharing :)