Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Can I just first start off by saying... I LOVE PROJECT LIFE!!! Seriously, this is my first year doing it and I have to say, it is so manageable, so doable, so fantastic... totally loving this new (to me) way of scrap booking our family's daily life! You would think that with taking a photo a day I would have more photos than normal so far, and maybe I do but, it feels like the ones I have taken have more meaning and it's also given me permission to stop when it's been a moment or event that I could become snap happy. Granted, there are certainly events/times/moments where you definitely want to be snap happy, but in other moments, those first few photos you took... were probably plenty to capture the memory. Wait... did I just say you can take too many photos? :) Well, I know I can and snapping a lot of photos (for me) can mean I'm not present in the moment and I feel that Project Life already has given me the freedom to put the camera down after a bit and just enjoy life. (Probably not what you thought you were going to hear). So, here's my example... Thursday afternoon we had beautiful weather here in Kansas. The kids and I spent an hour outside enjoying the much needed fresh air (as I shared in Sunday's post). I was definitely snapping a lot of pictures and I certainly got some great shots, but after a little while I thought... Ya know, I think I've taken plenty, I know I have at least 2 or 3 good ones to choose from for my album, so, I'm just going to enjoy this moment. Knowing what I'm going to do with those photos already, gives me the freedom to stop and enjoy life. And the other few that turned out good I had already started planning a separate layout for them. I never do this... I rarely take photos with a plan already in place for doing something with them. Project Life has given me that plan in a simple, easy, doable format! Whoo hoo for Project Life... now... on to my first week's layout! ;) 

Entire layout (click photo to make it larger). 

Left Side (Sunday-Tuesday)

Right Side (Wednesday-Saturday) 

I hope that if you are doing Project Life yourself you will share your pages with me... it's so much fun to get ideas and inspiration from each other. Also, come join me and a ton of others at the Big Picture Classes Project Life FREE Community. And, share your pages on Project Life Tuesday at The Mom Creative! If you are on the fence about PL, I hope that I've convinced you that you can do it! :) It's not too late to start! And, if you aren't planning on doing one, I hope you'll follow along with me anyway! :) 


Banu said...

Awesome. I was just about post my pictures on the blog. I just need to say that your handwriting is just amazing. The main reason I am ashamed to share my layouts is due to my handwriting. Oh well :)

Cheri said...

Banu, I hope you do share your pictures! Please do not be ashamed of your handwriting... it's a part of you which makes it wonderful even if you're not in love with it!